Our product is a tool, a means to an end. Which can be use by anyone who wants to either build an art collection or promote his work, regardless the experience in the art world. In the end it is all about you.

Dejavu for Artists

Dejavu for Galleries

Dejavu for Collectors

  • Get your work expose worldwide.
  • Get access to Collectors and partner Galleries.

  • Get access to new distribution channels.

  • All you need to promote and sell your work in one place.

  • Promote your works and artists worldwide.
  • Build relationships with collectors around the world.
  • Get access to new distribution channels.
  • Design digital marketing strategies to promote your work and artists.
  • Start building your own Collection in an environment in which anyone can be confortable around Art.
  • There is no wrong answer when buying art.
  • Choose from our large selection of artworks


Everything you need to start building your art collection

It is never too late to start building your art collection, you dont need to be a millionare to start buying original art works. At Dejavu, anyone can easily find and buy art, no matter their experience, taste or budget.


Expose your work on a Global Scale

  • Showcase your work worldwide via web, with the proper digital marketing campaigns.
  • Promote your work to an online audience of new collectors on a global scale.
  • Just list your Artworks on Dejavu and start selling to collectors all around the world.


Everything you need to sell your work in one place

  • Expose your inventory get inquiries.
  • Process payments.  
  • We manage your orders.
  • You just ship your artwork and get paid.
  • All you need to promote and sell your work and artists in just minutes.