Milagros de Armas

Milagros de Armas has dedicated all her life to the world of Art.  At a very early age, she experimented with modeling and sculpting with diverse types of materials. 

Her innate ability to artistically express her insights allowed her to develop an extraordinary technique of hyperrealism, which is admired by art lovers and collectors around the world. 

Primarily self-taught, Milagros De Armas has studied on recognized schools of art in her native country of Venezuela, such as “Candido Millán Arte y Fuego”. 

From simple Arts and Crafts to the most sophisticated techniques have served her to create collector’s pieces, as well as her own version of utilitarian art. 

Currently, the artist has her own study in the city where she is residing for the past nine years, Miami. “To live in South Florida has allowed me to connect with a world of colors, traditions, and flavors which a use to give life to my art pieces; specially, to my last collection of Life Nature”. 


The Collection ‘Fruits for the Soul” 

Since a long time, Milagros has made clear her abilities and artistic capabilities; moving from an array of art manufacturing, such as: sculptures, goldsmith, dolls, bakery, etc.  She belongs to that unusual gender of artist that naturally resurface on everything she does.  She can express an impressive realism with ease, which in seems as the result of having develop her talents in another life. Years of practice which are impossible to develop in one life spam. 

This collection also represents a lot of what she transmits as a human being. Since her childhood, she has been an expression of sensitivity and generosity, bringing friendship and support to all those people that have the fortune to be present in her path through life. 

It is not a coincidence that the “Fruits” are the principal objective of this great pictorial of oil paintings.  Fruits are a genuine gift from Nature.  The fruits are the chosen ones to reproduce abundance, prosperity, love and delights in scents, flavors, colors, odors, and textures; the wealth of our beautiful planet Earth.  The Fruits are the best gifts that without interest Nature brings to us, around the world and in all our life’s. 

Milagros asserts that each piece of the “Fruits of the Soul” Collection will leave a scent in each environment fortunate to receive them, with the highest and purest energies express with mastery and it will delight every person exposed to such a delicate and blessed vibration.