Maka Kvartskhava


Maka Kvartskhava/Stillwhite - as "white" is associated for her with mystic surroundings of her life. Maka Kvartskhava was born in 1981, Tbilisi - the capital of Georgia.

Before starting painting Maka was writing short stories, essays, which she used to call "footprints of her inner life and dreams". Then came a time when her inspirations took her at the edge of Art and her inner opportunity knocked from inside, so she decided to build a door and to take her first steps in the colorful world of Art.

Artist's essays and stories became expressed in drawings and paintings and still, she calls her paintings a kind of short stories about her and emotions that surrounds and that is inspired by the inner and outer world of life.

A self-taught artist with the inevitable influences of the creative movements she develops with her own style. Graduated from the State University of International Law and Relations and after few years of working in this field, she realized, Her home is where her heart is.

Works mostly in oil; worked on different projects, for exhibitions and art fairs throughout the UK (Aberdeen, Cambridge, London) and Spain (Art Nou Milleni Gallery, Salon de Barcelona);


January 2018 – Group Exhibition “Artists in the World” Art Expo Winter Rome 2018, in Rome, Italy

June 2017 – Artworks Accepted by the Jury for the Artbox. Project Basel 01 and shown at the Basel art weeks

June 2017 - Group Exhibition, Gallery Aragon 232, Barcelona, Spain

December 16-20, 2017 - Group Exhibition, Art Nou Milleni Gallery, Salon de Barcelona, - Spain

October 16 - Solo exhibition with art performance and electronic music -
Art Salon "Back Stage76"

May 2016 - Exhibition dedicated to encouraging of oncology patients;

June 2015 - Solo Charity Exhibition for Disaster victims;

December 2014 - State University exhibition dedicated to fundraising for charity goals.