Fabiana Lopes da Cunha



Graduated in management from the University of Virginia in the USA, and with courses in art and philosophy at Lage Park, Rio de Janeiro, Fabi Cunha is a self-taught artist and painter since she was twelve. Carioca, and in love with nature, as a plastic artist she has been working continuously since 2001, presenting her works in the background, with exhibitions in Brazil, the United States, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, and China.

In 2014, Fabi dropped the stock market and investigates her talent. Since 2001, she has been expressing herself through various techniques and themes related to nature. A use of a large palette of cores and a striking feature in their work.

She has now settled in the Serra do Rio State, in Correas, Petrópolis, from where she intends to explore her contact with nature and expand her vision of her own art.
In this new series, "Impressions" Fabi use leaves from the Atlantic forest, acrylic paint, and jet color to capture a "fingerprint" of the leaves. Painting on them images of birds, butterflies, frogs, among others, on canvas. With inspirations ranging from Monet, Van Gogh to Hundertwasser, to Gonçalo Ivo and Portinari, Fabi seeks through her inspiring work the public on beauty, purity, and care for the environment.