Carlos Vallenilla


Carlos Vallenilla was born in, Venezuela in 1973. From a very early age he was interested in art, his constant search for integrating his work with volumes, color, and movement, enabled him to begin to capture them on canvas and wood.  Each   of his works is characterized by working with recycled materials, textures, acrylic paints, and other supplies.

One of the most famous artistic proposals of Carlos Vallenilla focuses on the representation and repeated intervention of the same shape, usually associated with the shape of the cherry. Cherry is a natural way that by its very nature plays with a sense of the ball, the circular curved and lends itself to the stages of their maturation process color variety. It is a way that attracts by its simplicity, its symmetry and geometry that sense sensitive that kinship with unfinished circularity of the sphere. These intrinsic qualities of the fruit, in that unique form of vegetable nature, which inspires and supports the plastic proposal of Carlos Vallenilla.

The artist makes play in a serialization wood but preserving the morphology of the inspiring way. Although magnifies its size without antagonizing its proportion, serves as support for volumetric intervene it with paintings, scale, subsections, reliefs, textures that give an unusual and attractive perceptual wealth significantly. Each piece is assumed to drive one way to diversify into a variety of perceptions. A lucky one in the many.