Alessio Ceruti

Alessio Ceruti was born in Varese, Italy in 1980. His artistic training began in his father’s company in 1994, where he worked as a metal polisher for the finishing of sculptural works by artists such as Michelangelo Pistoletto, Not Vital and many other. He focuses on the use of metals, recycled materials and painting.

 In 2011 he moved to Indonesia where he collaborated and confronted with international artists, deepening his knowledge of contemporary art. It prefers more and more natural lands and materials with which it plays by erod- ing the surfaces of the works, as if a natural action had created them. It opens a video animation studio with classic and digital design techniques and builds metal percussion musical instruments with holistic inspiration.

 In 2015 at the. Malaysia he exhibited art works of new conception. The “ConDestruction” project is born, a relationship and coexistence between man, nature and society, with a particular focus on environmental themes using painting, sculpture, video and installations.

 In 2016 he began working on the dissolution of matter and exhibited WHAT-ER Acid Waters in Arcore, Italy, curated by Alberto Moioli.

 In 2017 fascinated by the genetic epic, intended as a transformation and external adaptation and interior to an environment, begins to use materials such as plexiglass and metal to achieve camouflage through transparency and reflection.

 "Alessio Ceruti is a young artist whose peculiarity lies in the ability to investigate the environment with a scientific approach and to translate it, without transfiguring it, into a particularly fascinating artistic language.

The international experience gained over the years filtered by a strong sensitivity to the environmental problems are the two elements that make the creative operation of Alessio unique in its kind.

The work carried out to date in the artistic field has at its base a refined and constant research and experimentation both in the scientific field and in the strictly expressive one through sculptures, paintings, installations and videos. The expressive strength is demonstrated by the enormous documentary and creative depth, but with a real added value in the ability to translate into ART the whole human and scientific process absorbed by studies and experiences in the field.